164 cc







Light around

Chassis: Green
Seat: Black
Fender: Flex

Chassis: Yellow
Seat: Black
Fender: Flex

Chassis: White
Seat: Red
Fender: Flex

Chassis: Black
Seat: Brown
Fender: Flex

Chassis: White
Seat: Black
Fender: Flex

Chassis: White
Seat: Black
Fender: Flex

Chassis: Black
Seat: Black
Fender: Flex

New look, New colours

Exciting, classic Italian design with 3 new wonderful colours in this wonderful collection. The new colours include Sicilian Orange (As juicy as sweet oranges ripening among the warm sun on Sicily Island, Italy.) , Lucido White ( The colour of perfection, ‘Lucido’ is Italian name meaning the lustre that drives white colour as more brightness.) and Milano Black ( The colour of immortality and charismatic. As charm as the perfect Milan, Italy at night.)

More than just stickers,It's Lambretta vibes.

Continued to drive the Italian passion by the design of new stickers, It has ‘Innocenti’ logo and the national colours of Italy. And look at the line on side panels! It made this Lambretta’s design to be sharper and look cooler.

Iconic Lambretta

Wonderful retro with iconic Lambretta badges that have been passed down Lambretta DNA from generation to generation.

Disc brake

brake system


Rear shock absorber

14" Alloy


Legendary Designs

Unique Lambretta horn cast with legendary designs from the past that have been passed down to the present.

Semi-Digital Display

Combining classic and modern design on a semi-digital meter that combines Analogue and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) are seamlessly integrated. And also has a function that can adjust the colour of the screen up to 7 colours.

Full LED lighting system

Full LED lighting system in outstanding design with the shape of Lambretta’s DNA and the built-in logo that is difficult to replicate.
V200 Specification
Engine type4-stroke, air cooled
Compression Radio10.2:1
Fuel managementEFI
Exhaust emission charecteristicEuro 5
width 690 mm.
Length 1,900 mm.
Height 1,130  mm.
Wheelbase 1,330 mm.
Seat height 770 mm.
Tank capacity 6.5 L
Front type110/70-12
Rear type120/70-12
Suspension frontTelescope fork
Suspension rearSingle suspension
Brakes frontHydraulic disc:ø 220 mm. (ABS)
Brakes rearHydraulic disc:ø 220 mm. (ABS)

*according to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 134/2014, Annex VII